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We are Leading Exporter and Supplier of industrial pressure gauges, bourdon type pressure gauges, Capsule type pressure gauges, sealed diaphragm pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, differential type pressure gauges, glycerine filled pressure gauges, weatherproof gauges, Master/Test gauges, electric contact pressure gauges, mercury filled temperature gauges, bi-metal temperature gauges, refrigeration temperature gauges etc..

Our quality instruments are mostly catering to following applied industries.

• Engineering Industries • Boilers
• Reactors • Process Industries
• Medical & Hospital Equipments • Petrochemical and Fertilizer Industries
• Paper & Pulp Industries • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
• Filtration Systems • Gas mixing systems
• Gas Separators • R & D Laboratories
• Defense Areas • Pharmaceutical
• Chemical • Refineries and Power plants

• Food & Beverages Industries

• Oil and Soap Industries
• Water Treatment & Reverse Osmotic Plants • Automobile Industries, Foundries

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